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West Coast Books is a site we have been thinking about for several years and we're finally building it. Our aim is to provide a complete list of all the in-print books about and from the South Island's West Coast, Te Tai Poutini. A complete list is a fair challenge as there seem to be more West Coast books than books on pretty well any other region of New Zealand. If you think there are other books we should list here we are keen to know. Just use the Enquiries page.

We are pretty relaxed about where the West Coast might start and finish from a book's point of view. We start with a hard core of Buller, Grey, Westland and South Westland, from the Kahurangi north of Karamea, down to Martins Bay, and across to the Main Divide. When it suits us we sneak up to Farewell Spit, down to Milford Sound, and into the Murchison area. And when we get to the Alps we are quite happy to include books about the passes and parks, railway and roads, that straddle the Divide.

There is also another dimension to this site: we include books written by West Coast authors that aren't necessarily about the West Coast. As long as an author regards themselves as a Coaster we don't worry too much about where they live now. One day they might come back home.

Books listed cover a huge range of styles and subjects: from Keri Hulme's literary Booker Prize winner The Bone People to R. Suggate's and T. E Waight's  Geology of the Kumara-Moana Area;  and from John Breen's River of Blood: Tales of the Waiatoto to Jeffrey Paparoa Holman's The Late Great Blackball Bridge Sonnets.

We have listed West Coast books in a number of categories, some of course included in more than one:

Non Fiction:  history, Westland, Buller, Grey District, South Westland, Maori, gold, greenstone/jade/pounamu, coal, timber, natural history, mountaineering/exploration, hunting, guide books, road and rail, aviation, photography, scenic, and books by West Coasters about somewhere else.

Fiction & Literary: novels, poetry, & children's' books set on the West Coast or by West Coast authors

As well as books, we list the best DVDs on the West Coast. And while we don't list them individually we supply all the 1:50,000  and 1:250,000 topo maps. Just let us know what area you want using the Enquiries page and we'll soon sort out the right map for you.

With all this you can see it might take us a while to finish listing all West Coast books. In fact, as we have up to 20 new books published each year, it may well be we that will never quite complete the job.

But we will have a great time trying. We look forward to helping you find that special West Coast books.

Happy reading!

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