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This book tells the early history of a remote area of South Westland in New Zealand, and about the development of the settlement at Okuru.  The story covers the Buchanan family's shift from Ikamatua into Okuru in 1931, during the slump, when they were faced with an epic struggle for survival against overwhelming odds.  It tells about the community spirit, the settlers and daily and intimate happenings, as seen through the eyes of a seventy plus woman.

Imagine farming without anything mechanical, only tracks, no bridges, a fortnightly mail service by packhorse and the only link with civilisation the coastal vessel.  It was life with a healthy respect for the rivers.  There was no safety net nor any medical care, no electricity and no radio.  The only entertainment was the gathering of neighbours for a 'sing along', cards, or an occasional dance.

Myra Fulton - Through my Welsh ancestry, I inherited a love of the land and livestock, especially the dog and horse.  They so faithfully served us.  I spent much time with these amazing animals and learnt to love and respect their intelligence.  I even trusted my own life to my horse.

I also wanted the truth to be told about what's happened in my time.

Many have helped with this throughly researched narrative, but this is my own story - I was there - this is the real thing, or at least how I saw it.  May it also be a challenge to the next generation to write their story, of how they saw life, the people and conditions, and so this history will continue.

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