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Miners in the Clouds
Miners in the Clouds

When gold miners rushed to the Wakatipu in 1862 Glenorchy was part of the excitement, though it wasn't gold but scheelite which was to become the backbone of this mining community. Miners in the Clouds recounts the fascinating history of the scheelite industry, vulerable for its dependence on such monumental events as major world wars.

Commercial mining of scheelite began in 1885 and from small beginnings the industry boomed during World War One and continued to provide work for miners until the 1980s. During World War Two scheelite was so important to Britain and her allies that the New Zealand Government purchased two of the main mines at Glenorchy and brought miners from all over the country.

Miners in the Clouds is a perfect mixture of social history and facts using data and quotes which make for a colourful representation of a significant historical era in New Zealand.  What has the potential of be a dry topic is superbly brought to life by the personalities recounted, and by the inevitable emotional ups and downs of a remote township, very much dependent on miners.

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