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Eight Mile
Eight Mile

"Until now, the story of the Eight Mile was largely untold and Moe Bowes has done a splendid job in putting it in print.  He tracked down some who worked in the valley and has captured their time and memories of what is really a gem of a little valley off the Coast Road north of Rapahoe.  Few other than locals and the occasional walker would have ventured far off the beaten track, and fewer still would know much about it's colourful past.  Moe has covered most of it on foot in recent times and it was no easy task - some of the terrain is pretty challenging.  This book is a tribute to his efforts and perseverance. It's no simple task to bring it altogether.  The Eight Mile is a valuable addition in recording our proud West Coast and I'm sure it will be read and enjoyed by many.  Well done Moe." Peter Ewen

Price: $44.00

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