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Murder on Broadway
Murder on Broadway

It's Broadway in Reefton, the new, booming 1870s gold town.

Suspiciously, Gordon Trembath, a naive young police constable, has been left in charge over Christmas and New Year.  He is immediately faced with investigating a murder carried out by sly-groggers in the valley. 

In the meantime, the town has been invaded by "a collection of scamps, card sharps, liars and cheats, who have come to town for the pickings available in the holiday season".

Among them is Duke Dixon, a Yankee con-man and gambler determined to carry out a swindle to empty the pockets and bags of gold of the unsuspecting citizens of Reefton. 

How will the young policeman deal with so many problems - including more murders - in this story of the gold rush frontier. 

 MURDER ON BROADWAY is a crime novel peopled with crooked publicans and cops, cheerful ex-convicts, hard-nosed prostitutes, confidence tricksters, white collar criminals and a quadruplet team of acrobats.

Price: $30.00

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