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Wild Moose Chase
Wild Moose Chase

Fiordland in mid-winter. Soaked to the skin despite my parka, I was becoming very cold. Sometimes I wondered what I was doing here.

In the gathering dusk I hunted quietly, pushing gently through dripping pepperwood inside the edge of the swampy clearing. Then stopped again. alert and watchful. Still no sign of life. The sky was leaden - a week's rain had stopped only hours before. Dark forested slopes crowding the small valley disappeared into low cloud. It was nearly dark. I shivered involuntarily. Time to give up for another day.

A final look around, a shrug to myself. Careless of noise now, I crossed the creek, knee-deep and icy, and headed home, following the side of the stream along the clearing's edge to avoid the deep swamp. Some deer had used the same path recently - their tracks were clear in the wet sand. Then I noticed another set of tracks. Quite different. Crisp and clear in the mud. Big, splayed hoofprints. Large, slotted. dewclaw imprints.

Rain and cold were forgotten! My heart hammered.....Moose footprints! Moose! A New Zealand moose had walked here only a few hours before............


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