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Ask me about Merle
Ask me about Merle

For Merle

by Peter Thompson and Lorraine Southey

Here's a story of a girl named Merle from Hokitika town.

She was struck with real bad luck, but it didn't get her down.

The diagnosis was MND*, the news was very bad,

But Merle's response was to carry on and never to be sad.

She looked beyond how she could help her sisters and her brothers

Then she looked around and roped us in: the band of many others.

No time to ponder, no time to wait

It was wheelchair in tow and out the gate.

We raised money, we bought a van

We learnt from Merle the message that “we can!”

Most importantly we raised awareness of MND and struggles people face

Merle seemed to mitigate such unfairness with her courage,

cheeky laugh and thoughtful grace

So if it's tough and if it's scary, it's easy to be timid

Lift your chin, raise your eyes -

The sky you see's the limit!!

*Motor Neurone Disease

This book is about that life – the life of Merle, her tenacity in the face of trials, her attitude of living life to the full, and as the poem above states: to draw others into the colour of her life.

Price: $38.50

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