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Reefton School of Mines
Reefton School of Mines

Mining heritage is such an important element in the town of Reefton. It was mining, the search for gold, that led to the birth of the town in the 1870s. Mining, like other traditional Coast industries, has grown and waned in successive waves over time, but is still a valuable industry which helps sustain Reefton today.

At Reefton grew a School of Mines valued by its community and its students, many of whom would fill important mining positions on the West Coast, around New Zealand and beyond.  Directors too were well respected, many being University of Otago School of Mine graduates.  While some continued mining-related work on the West Coast, others would become known nationally and internationally.

The last and longest serving director, Jim Bolitho, brought to his 32 year tenure both his Cornish mining heritage and his Otago School of Mines qualifications.  Mining was his whole life, and to meet Jim was also to meet the Reefton School of Mines.

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