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Travels of Hochstetter and Haast in New Zealand
Travels of Hochstetter and Haast in New Zealand

After arriving in Auckland in December 1858, Ferdinand Hochstetter was soon in demand for his geological knowledge in the Auckland province. With his new friend Julius Haast he embarked on a three-month expedition into the interior of the North Island, including the volcanic zone and the remarkable Pink and White Terraces. He subsequently made a trip to Coromandel and then a two-month trip to Nelson and the rugged backcountry including Golden Bay. As well as documenting geology and mineral prospects he also collected natural history specimens, including skeletons of the extinct moa, a giant landsnail and primitive frog (the latter two were named after him). He also identified a rock new to science from Dun Mountain, which he named dunite. On his endorsement Haast was appointed leader of an eight-month arduous adventure to the West Coast in 1860, which was to launch Haast's own distinguished career. This book is the first on Hochstetter in 50 years and serves to fill the gaps on how the young German geologist, who arrived in New Zealand on an Austrian frigate, later became regarded as the Father of New Zealand Geology. The lively and incident-full narrative covers two accomplished and energetic men of science and provides a substantial contribution to the history of New Zealand exploration and science. A lot of new material from European and New Zealand archives has been incorporated including Hochstetter's diaries (in German) and sketches by Charles Heaphy, such as the White Terraces on the cover.

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