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Misery Hill
Misery Hill

The exciting history of Westland would not be complete without some of the stories of the unfortunates who found themselves guests of the Government in the Hokitika Gaol.  Their contribution to New Zealand's history is just as vital as any explorer, soldier, politician or lawyer.  In Misery Hill you will experience some of the conditions and sufferings of the lunatics and prisoners.  You'll read of those who thought nothing of robbing a police camp, those who spent many time in hard labour gangs building some of the area's roads, and those who longing for freedom led them to escape.

You will learn of the first man to be executed in the Hokitika Gaol, and the controversial murder trial of a man considered insane which divided people of the West Coast.  You'll also encounter the plumber who was incarcerated in chains for years and who spent his free time designing submarine navigation and tropedoes.

Some of the West Coast's most intriguing characters resided in the Hokitika Gaol, making their mark in history of a new nation


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