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Daughter of Gloriavale
Daughter of Gloriavale


My Life in a Religious Cult

By Lilia Tarawa

Paperback 314 pages

Size 234 x 153mm

Weight 420 grams 

Colour photographs 

Price: $39.99



Swamp ploughs, saw-blades and slate boards

By Brian Pearson, foreward by Sir Tim Wallis

Paperback 399 pages

Size 255 x 195 mm

Weight 840 grams

Black & White photographs 

Price: $50.00

The Golden Grey
The Golden Grey


West Coasters 1860-2010

By Mayor Tony Kokshoorn

Hardback 491 pages

Size 310 x 245 mm

Weight 2.63 grams

Colour and Black & White photos

PLEASE NOTE: An additional $8 has been added to price to allow for postage costs as this is a very large book.

Price: $115.00

Sins of the Father
Sins of the Father


The Long Shadow of a Religious Cult

By Fleur Beale

Paperback 231pp

Size 210 x 140mm

Weight 396grams

Colour and Black & White Photographs

Price: $29.99

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